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Welcome to the United States Kobujodokai, an organization which was formed by direct students of Master Shigehiro Matsumura of Kobukan Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. The Kobujodokai are groups in Japan, Europe and the U.S.A. that practice Jojutsu of Shindomusuryu as passed down from Master to disciple over many generations. Classes are currently taught in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), California (Los Angeles), Massachussets (Boston) and in Maryland (Gaithersburg).

Master Matsumura studied under Master Ryuji Shimizu in 1958. After the death of Master Shimizu Master Matsumura studied under the late Master Ichizo Otofuji. Master Matsumura holds Menkyu Kaiden license from Master Otofuji. Master Matsumura studied Suio ryu Jojutsu, Naganata Jutsu and Kyoha ryu Bojutsu and has Menkyo license from the late Master Mitsiyasu Katsuse Of Shizuoka.